About Madagascar

Madagascar $TIME is a new crypto currency, on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to ease the processes of financing for existing charitable organisations that are helping our planet, whilst also executing our own efforts (such as planting 1,000,000 trees).

Starting with Madagascar’s actual island massive deforestations, to help make our oceans plastic free, protection of endangered animals and many more.

Our focus is to help save the planet and its inhabitants because this is what we got. No space shuttle nor new planet, can replace the mighty beauty of our beloved Earth, and all of its inhabitants.


Our first partnership is with SEED Madagascar’s Project Ala

It aims to increase and improve viable habitat for the three species of lemur in the southern Sainte Luce littoral forest of Madagascar. As of July 2020, all three of these lemur species are classified as Endangered by the IUCN. SEED are reforesting four forested habitat corridors between five isolated forest fragments, which are reconnecting viable lemur habitat and significantly increasing connected forest habitat by 58ha (109%). Community engagement and ownership is absolutely crucial to the success of the project so SEED work closely with key stakeholders and the community, alongside undertaking education and capacity building to strengthen community-led conservation.

What The Community Has Achieved

Here at Madagascar, we are determined to fix problems and make changes, here are some of the things we have done so far...

Salvation Army - Emergency Disaster Relief

We donated £755 to the Salvation Army for their emergency and disaster relief fund .

California Wildfire - Emergency Relief

We donated £726 to the California Wildfire Emergency Relief fund for their services in fighting the devestating wildfires in California.

Planting Trees

We aim to plant 1,000,000 trees to restore our forests. So far, Madagascar has planted 4,000 trees to date.

Turkey Charities

3,000$ donated to Turkey current situation with wildfires spread in 4 different batches, 750$ each:
- Education, general donation
- Help newborns and mothers in poverty
- Western Black Sea flood relief
- Fire disaster aids

Greece Charities

500$ donated to Greece to help with wildfire situation in the SOS village of Βαρη.

500$ to Greece to help with children’s urgent medical needs.

Chinese Charities

Madagascar has donated over RMB19,000 so far to help with the Chinese charities.

Afghanistan emergency situation/poverty

Afghanistan 1,000$💵 emergency situation/poverty

Nigeria Poverty situation

Nigeria 1,000$💵 poverty

Indonesia nature foundation

2,000$💵 Indonesia nature foundation

Madagascar lemur conservation foundation

2,000$💵 lemur conservation foundation

Cool Earth

2,000$💵 deforestation

Anndy Lians Charity Wallet

7,000$💵 Charity of choice

More coming soon...

Madagascar has plans to continue our donations...


Transparency will play a huge part in our project. All official wallet's are Multi-Signature, that require the majority vote to successfully carry out a transaction. All transactions will be publicly logged, so you can see exactly what goes where.


2% Charity
2% Reflections (HODL and gain!)
2% Liquidity (Locked!)
2% Marketing
2% Team

Token Distribution

50% Sold in Presale
30% For public sale
15% Sent to Burn Multi sig Wallet
2.5% Staff Wallet (Salary, expenses)
2.5% Airdrops (Community rewards!)

White Paper & Audit

White Paper - See what we have planned for the future
Techrate Audit - We had our Techrate audit completed before presale!
Dessert Finance Audit - Check out our audit done by Dessert Finance

Meet The Team

Meet the skilled people working hard to make Madagascar $TIME even greater every day...


My name is Corey AKA @friendlyfossa from Southern California in the United States. I have been in crypto for about 5 years now but this is my first project I have personally been a part of. I am the social media manager and I make all the graphics as well.

Working with Madagascar has been a life changer for me in a good way, I quit my job to work full time on this project with the team to help deliver the best for our community and to help save our planet and to buy some $TIME for our future generations to come.


My name is Armand AKA @hastygecko also known for @misterbettershiller. I am in crypto for 5 years now and 7 in the asset trading world. I am from Romania and I finished my Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration in foreign languages. My main job is to coordinate shillings on all platforms and i’m also the main copywriter of our project.

Since I was a young kid, my parents showed me behind the curtains of the entrepreneurial spirit and I must say, it has been a guiding experience for me. I am keen for exploring new things, always charting the uncharted ans always creating. I feel about our journey at Madagascar - $TIME that we are and we will, open new doors. We aim to become trendsetters by constantly delivering a financial instrument which I hope, it will not only make all Madagascans rich, but make the world a better place and buy our children, $TIME on this wonderful planet.


Hey I'm Ryan, aka @theresilientrockhopper, Chief marketing officer. when I met the rest of the team I already knew they were going to be more than just mates. We all just clicked from the start as we all shared similar visions. A few discussions later and Madagascar-TIME was born! The environmental disasters our planet faces, will be irreversible if we don't act now.

Blockchain technology and the general crypto space has been an interest of mine since 2015. It is only recently that I started focusing on working with projects in the bsc space though.

I am very proud to be apart of Madagascar-time and since it is now my full time job, I can safely say I helped make a difference for my children and their future! 🌍

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